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HMS is a global full service broker specializing in the Commissary, Exchange and Deli segments of the Military marketplace.

Offering full-service brokerage, HMS is committed to working with each Manufacturer to keep them informed and updated on the fast-paced and quickly changing opportunities throughout the Military Resale and Food Service arenas. Equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry, our sales team and marketing expertise provide our clients with outstanding sales performance and growth. Uniting these features with extensive sales data for analyzing market trends allows for detailed planning and execution of sales plans and objectives worldwide. With over 33 years of unparalleled service and growth, HMS has proven to be a leader in the Military!

Servicing the DeCA Commisary Agency with integrity since 1981, Highplains Marketing Services has achieved the reputation of being a leading broker within the military resale system. Highplains unrivaled coverage, heralded industry knowledge, and experience from store level all the way to DeCA Headquarters, combined with state of the art technology, allows for creative and efficient managing of clients accounts.

Highplains, inspired by President and CEO Don Goetzs visionary business sense and belief that a company is only as good as its employees, strives to maintain a code of excellence within the ranks of its employees. Its Sales Force, comprised of Regional and Area Managers with an average 15-year tenure specializing in categories such as Meat Contracts, Chill, Frozen, Produce and Grocery, works closely with DeCA Store Directors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Highplains Account Executives to ensure business is being handled in a manner to allow for increased product sales through displays, demos and promotional tracking. American Logistics Association involvement via Corporate and Individual memberships, as well as Don Goetz being a member of the Commissary Council, assists Highplains in keeping Manufacturers in compliance with standards and policies set by DeCA.

In an effort to accomplish everyones objective of growing DeCA business, Highplains has established and continually nurtured positive relationships within the network that is the military resale system. This would include but not be limited to: DeCA Store and Headquarter Personnel, Manufacturers, other Brokers, Distributors and even Stockers and Merchandisers.

Our commisary portfolio includes these outstanding companies: , Bellisio Foods, Bisek, Burlesons, Butterball, CTC, EJP International, Finnegan, Fresh Express, Fresh Mark, Haddon House, Irving Tissue, Johnsonville, Mario Camacho, Meyer Natural Foods, Mid Valley, Mt. Olive National Vitamin Company, Nonnis, OR Elder, Paradise Fruit, Petmate, Pilgrims, Presto, Reese Brokerage, Rondo Specialty Foods, S. Schwartz, Schreiber, Seaboard, Singleton, Special Markets, Swan Sales.


Our exchange division, Highplains Exchange Services, is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. We offer headquarter coverage for Army/Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES), Navy Exchange Services Command (NEXCOM), Marine Corps (MCX), Coast Guard (CGES), and Veterans Canteen (VCS). We handle all buyer and store communications, ordering, defectives, and with our worldwide store coverage we support our principals at store level. Our years of experience and established headquarter relationships allow us to manage your business and maximize every sales opportunity.

Our exchange portfolio includes these outstanding companies: Presto/Alcoa Products, Inverness Medical, IVC, Monster Energy Drinks, TLJ Marketing/Oarsman Sportswear, Bellisio Foods, Foster Grant, Glidden Paint, Bell Sports, Franklin Sports, Perky Jerky, Petmate, Sangean Electronics, and Gargoles.